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Monday, July 13, 2009

hmm went to work as usual work til 12.50am candy bar, after tat watch 20th century boys 2 wif ah teck haha. then after tat ah teck went hm first to get rdy, as we r going to ryan new hse play mahjhong. waited for wan yee n kian kwok to finish eos. then suddenly find out tat our poor little bottle corner, has turn into infested wif cockroach area=.= so wan yee n kian kwok start panick aroundXD chang de came in n we 2 start to begin exterminating the pest!! i ma chiam like pest controller like tat=.= killed damn many, n thus alot ppl de bottle gonna my insectiscide sray haha. so kk n wan yee go n soak the bottle wif soap, in case anyone drink liao get food poisoning hahaXD so after tat went hm to take chair as ryan hse don have much chair. meet ah teck at my hse here de 7-11 buy tibits n stuff haha. after tat jiu take cab pick up chang de n zheng yun, was playing patapon during the journey to zheng yun hse haha, chang de n ah teck say tat the game sound veri kb=.= dunno y also haha. the total cab fare for the trip was 40+dollar damn expensive, so everyone get hype up want to win back the trip money haha. so we started our mahjhong session at around 5am haha. zheng yun draw is truly godly n stunning, either its da pai or tai lor!!! hmmm bout 7am order mac delivery for breakfast haha. so the session ended wif i winning 130 dollar i think, wif chang de fang bao 5tai 3times at least, n ryan 1 time. poor ah teck didn fang bao man tai but lose the most money=X so took cab hm after tat n wake up around 7pm plus then went to work. super tiring day=.= floor wif auntie, uncle, n yu jing, wah best combination liao lah. on the whole though tiring but earn quite alot moneyXD
haha ah teck leaning on taxi uncle shoulder=X

haha chang de snoring on cabXD

our poor bottle corner turn into infested wif cockroach corner =.=

wat is life:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

project presentation rehearsal during the morning tcs lesson, haha being said tat i nt formal cause i don have tug in my shirt hahaXD n my shoe cause i forget to bring hm my shoe yesterdau after work=.= hmmm the presentation in the noon went smoothly haha.
after tat went for dinner wif geoffrey, zheng yun, adeline, ah teck, victor, diana, wei lun, rachel, ryan lim, kee fhong. its so call a dinner for geoffrey cause he's going in army next wk. had dinner at bukit batok haha, the food was good, n the price is reasonable(: mayb next time wil go there eat again haha. after tat went back to jp, on the way kee fhong did a stunt, his bottle drop then the ice tea spill on the mrt seatXD when reach jp zheng yun n rachel went hm, cause rachel have presentation the next day, so me, adelim=X, kee fhong, victor, ryan, n ah teck went back to jp to take the k box n safra card frm chang de cause got alot discount!! onli geo n ah teck went back to gv, so i go to the arcade to playXD play drum mania veri tiring=.= oh ya n saw alvin there haha. after tat we went to safra some where near jp de k box. its super freezing over there=.= compare to other k box here is super more cold. haha sang a lot of songs, sing til no voice liao haha, lay huan join us afterwards. so we went hm at about 3plus, its a veri fun day for me haha.
nt feeling well in the morning, mayb cause too less slp liao haha. went to work at 5pm, almost late=.= jia ling change shift til veri jia lat til i dunno wats going on, i supposingly do box closing cause i take over lay huan de shift, but then sisi take over my shift n i change to candy bar closing=.= got to noe my results of my mst, got 70+ for my digital electronics, n 70 for peee i think haha, wasn't expect to get 70+for my de haha. tml getting my maths results, super jin zhang=.= hope i score well for it.

lao zhei playing game in k box=X

cool pic!!!

wat is life:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

haha today peee test is an easy one, was late for the test=.= 10.30 paper i 10.20 then wait for cab, went back to slp after my alarm went off=.=lucky onli late for 5min haha. went to watch ice age 3 wif eileen, pk n stiphinie, cause alrdy watch transformer twice le=.= hmmm i give it 3/5 onli, cause a bit boring haha.
after tat jiu went hm first, surprise tat my father came hm earli, cause i told my mother tat i going out at 8, ben lai can slp a while de=.= cut cake wif family jiu went out meet ah teck, zheng yun, kee fhong, swee feng n jun kai haha. went to kushinbo to eat as kf suggest itXD abit stun tat he suggest it hahaXD then got to noe tat kf have another history like the nasi lemak incident, he over spill the ice creamXD hmmm the food is quite good, mayb cause its fresh!! quite a variety of choice of food. haha then got to noe tat kushinbo have one special thing, when they ring the bell n play the kushinbo song got special thing hahaXD then so qiao everytime its about to start one of us would be there, starting is ah teck n zheng yun, then after tat its meXD wah i eat the crab til sick of it=.= canot tahan haha. hmmm ate quite alot, at least more than sakae sushi tat time=.= then after tat ah teck go gv pang sai hahaXD but i think is he going to prepare for my cake haha, cause i take part in so many gv peeps de birthday surprise hahaXD so zheng yun tel us tat gv got alot of crowd don go there first hahaXD when reach gv, jun quan bring out the cake at candy bar there hahaXD wanted to eat the cake, but my stomach is super full de=P
first time have friends help me celebrate my birthday haha, really happy for the celebrationXD like it alot, thanks peeps!!!
first to msg me birthday sms is kin kwok, haha glad tat he actually remember itXD K2Y!!
2nd is ji rou aka yi linXD
3rd is khe shing, actually is i told her de hahaXD
4th is sisi haha(:
5th is kee fhong haha thanks dude
6th is ah teck =(:
7th is swee feng(:
8th is monkey aka geoffreyXD
9th is lay huannies(:
10th is jun kai hahaXD
when go to gv alot ppl also wish me haha thanks(:

wat is life:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

haha my blog is going to die alrdy, so blog some picsXD rotting at hm so come type type smth haha. sian mugging for mst=.= left 2 more mst!!! n test on birthday damn sian=.= who would want tat. but fri monster hunting!!! yeah finally monster hunt, my hunting spirit is calling meXD. die liao lor tis wk end, ice age3 + transformer, but when harry potter come jiu really die liao haha.

rotting at hm=.=

haha vic birthday de pics

haha sure u guys noe who's tis, no need intro haha


wat is life:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost of your presence
is like the world without a sun,
life without your love
is like the world without any colours.
You are the only one
you are the only love..

wat is life:

Monday, February 9, 2009

hmmm today don have went to school cause nt feeling well... i shall post tat day khe shing birthday hahaXD super dope long don have post leXD

went to kwan hoe hse play mahjong haha, first time i ever go my classmate de hse=.= actually meeting ryan at 7pm, but then in the end 8pm then reach=X hmmm went to buy khe shing birthday present first, then after tat then go buy birthday cake, due to no more strawberry flavour de jiu buy cookie n cream deXD so sorry lah khe shing=X then after tat jiu watch underworld wif ryan, after the show jiu start the suprise operationXD meet up wif jia ling n han sheng, waited at the 2nd floor there de bridge haha, then forget y liao jia ling ask me go hm, i jiu walk away but actually is go back gv hahaXD then due to my poor hiding skill, let khe shing see dao le.. haha so jiu say go toilet, then jiu ask myojo shitai ask them bring khe shing out of gv, then i jiu go take the birthday cakeXD but then when i going down, ryan n carine come up cause they forget take the present=.= then when going to fei xiong there, samuel they all at there=.= so aiya suan liao hahaXD decided to go the the 24hr kopitiam cause theres alot of seat hahaXD hmmm waited a while for geofrey n ah teck, in the mean time carine n jun kai go buy plastic cup n stuffXD

wahaha the birthday cake that i chooseXD

pics of the cake taken by jia lingXD

haha the emei sectXD

wahahaha XD

the group photo, though don have everyone=X

haha myojo shitai n carineXD

ryan hahaXD

haha han sheng n peeps

hancock on cameraXD

peeps waiting for ah teck n geofrey

me playing mahjong before the celebrationXD

wat is life:

Monday, November 10, 2008

hmmm life have been the same as always for me.. working, studying, playing that's the routine of my life, nth changes though it seems like have changes.. tis year definitely nt my year, lots of things happen.. hand break, heart break everything.. work also lots of prob..

Really hope tat time can pass faster, n the arrival of new year can come, hope tat a new year starts, my life can finally changes.. love mayb can start entering my life bah.. all the things tat i long for can finally come.. hope no more heart pain n bad things won come to me ever again...

wat is life:


chan pau yuen
boon lay garden, boon lay sec, dover ite, singapore poly
1st july 1990


gone to polyXD
an i pod touch!!
addidas stuff hahaXD

=Speak it out=

zhong ji yi jia - 够爱.mp3 -